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Cylinder Head Repairs Melbourne

Martini Heads can perform the following repairs / modifications to your own cylinder heads in Melbourne.

* CRACK TESTING on cast iron heads is done with magnetic powder and a crack testing machine. Cracks can be found in combustion chambers, down valve throats, on the head gasket sealing surface, around spring bases and on the outside of heads using this method.

* PRESSURE TESTING can be performed on aluminium or cast iron heads. This process is the best way of finding a leak as the entire cylinder head is submerced under water while the water jacket inside the cylinder head is filled with over 100psi of compressed air. This allows areas of the cylinder head that cannot even be seen to be thoroughly checked for leaks.

* CRACK REPAIRS can be undertaken on both aluminium and cast iron heads provided the area is accessible to make the repair.

* ALUMINIUM TIG WELDING is used to repair aluminium heads suffering from corrosion damage and is also used for crack repairs.

* INSERT FITTING is the process of fitting a new valve seat to the cylinder head.
* In the case of a cast iron head inserts can be fitted to suit unleaded fuel as most cast iron heads were designed to run on leaded fuels that are no longer available. Even harder inserts can be fitted to make the cylinder head suitable for use with liquid petroleum gas (LPG).
* In the case of an aluminium head the original inserts can be removed and replaced with hardend inserts suitable for use with LPG.

* GUIDE REPLACEMENT can be performed to cast iron heads with integral guides(a hole bored into the cast iron) by fitting "K"-Line guides. These "K"-Line guides provide a very good bearing type material as they are made from bronze and allow very small clearances to be used. Aluminium heads have cast iron or steel guides as standard which can be replaced with new ones or we can fit "K"-line guides to repair them.

* HEAD STRAIGHTENING is usefull on aluminium heads that have been overheated to such an extent that the casting bends. This often leads to camshaft problems in overhead cam engines such as seizure or breakage as the camshaft is no longer running in a straigh tunnel. Once the head has been straightend the camshaft will spin freely once again.

* HELI-COILS can be fitted to cast iron or aluminium heads where a thread is damaged or has been totally stripped. Broken bolts and studs can also be removed from head castings and then repaired like new using this method.

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